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Guide to Selling

Guide to Selling

Not getting any offers on your property?

Get automated, global exposure on top of your agent’s local expertise with worry-free ZERO fees if your property doesn’t sell. We provide a hands-on, personal approach to expose your property to the widest possible audience, to attract a number of buyers towards it, giving you the attention you deserve and regular feedback throughout the process. Our process is world-renowned and ample overseas investors are always keeping a keen eye on our events. Our Bidding Events create a sense of urgency and put your property in the premier position to attract buyers from all over the globe.
Call us for an appointment, and one of our experts will meet with you to inspect your property and establish whether it is suitable for our bidding event.

Establishing a reserved price

The Reserved Price is the minimum price for which you, as the Seller, agree to sell your property. This price, once established, remains strictly confidential between you and Malta Property Auctioneers and cannot be disclosed. We are therefore only permitted to sell the property for or over and above the reserved price. If you set an accurate but attractive reserved price you will surely attract more viewers to your property, increasing the chance of receiving multiple bids.

What is the best price for your property?

Properties listed with Malta Property Auctioneers have sellers who are truly motivated to get offers. Each listing is registered with a reserved price that is determined and set by the property owner and Malta Property Auctioneers.
This price is normally based on a number of different factors including:
• A competitive market analysis of similar properties currently available for sale
• Comparable properties sold within the past few months
• The number of days that similar properties have been available on the market
• The average difference between the original list price and the actual selling price of similar properties sold
• Local market conditions
• Property condition cost to upgrade, maintenance required and other factors

Bidding events

Our process allows you to retain full control of the final sales price while engaging a greater number of potential buyers through a completely transparent and fair-to all approach. Potential buyers will know what the current highest bid is and will have to surpass it to purchase your property! Being a time-limited environment increases competition and creates urgency. Furthermore, the way we market your property by displaying its façade, location and other prominent features, gives it a much better chance of attracting the right audience than your usual scenario where an agency will try to hide its true location.

Where do I begin?

To get started, you would need to get in touch with us to arrange a convenient day/time to inspect the property. Next, we would agree on a reserved price and immediately inform all our collaborating partners about your property. A tailored and aggressive marketing campaign will be sculpted which will include photography, walk-throughs, drone footage, videography, 3D renders or anything else our marketing team deems fit. We will also discuss your preferred way of organizing any viewings that potential bidders wish to make. Should other Real Estate companies wish to show a property listed on the auction list, they can also do this by simply calling our office for an appointment.


We do not charge any upfront engagement fees so if your property doesn’t sell, you don’t pay a penny! We are offering sellers a very transparent rate, lower than an open agency agreement and with payment only due on the signing of the Final Deed of Sale.

Marketing Matters

Your strength comes from our global reach and our dedicated approach. We do not have thousands of properties on our books so we can really afford to put our marketing budgets and efforts into a few properties at a time. We make sure that your property reaches the right target audience. Besides our capable sales force, our Preferred Partners have a multitude of agents waiting to work on your property as we speak. Malta Property Auctioneers will market the property at its expense and use our wide range of marketing techniques, and communication channels to maximize the visibility of your property, thereby automatically increasing the number of interested and committed buyers.

You just have to relax and enjoy the results. We’ll do all the hard work.


If you have any questions regarding the process, click here to send us an email or call one of our experts to guide you further.

First Bid Hold Confirmation

Since this is your first time bidding on this Bidding Event, we need your authorization to hold €10,000 from your bank account. After the hold has been approved, you will be allowed to participate in this property Bidding Event.

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