Multitasking has to be one of Sarah’s biggest strong points. When she’s not conducting training seminars, strategizing business plans, managing her properties or looking after her clients, she’s spending time with her husband and two children. Sarah’s outspoken and passionate approach to her work means she’s driving home the attention to detail. Often the one to playfully poke fun, she knows when professionalism takes centre stage and when to let her hair down with the team. Sarah’s career spans several years in varying industries from hospitality to leisure & entertainment to being at the top of the helm of two successful international and local NGO’s. Her decision to transition into the property was easy for her. Asked how she found this to be, she says “Much of my experience has been translated into my work with real estate. Building relationships on trust, dedication and knowledge can take you a long way, and in any form of business or sales, they are major contributors to success. You need to be passionate about your “product” and truly believe in it. Having had first-hand experience with successfully selling my property on auction, I can more than attest to its effectiveness”.