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We go to great lengths and selective procedures to find the right people to join our Team. Every one of our Team members has been selected to represent the core principles of our company – Professional, Personal, Ethical, Hard Working and Committed. Our “Crème de la Crème” Team proudly offers a diverse set of skills combined with ample experience.

Pierre Faure​


Locally he is renowned for trustworthiness, his “go get ’em” attitude and his “think outside the box” mentality. As founder and Managing Director...

Stefan Consiglio​

Head of Management​

Stefan has been in the real estate business for over 16 years and knows the Maltese Islands like the back of his palms. His education was in Accounting...

Steve Spiteri​

Head of Management​

You will be hard-pressed to find someone with anything negative to say about Steve. There’s no doubt that a part of his success in sales is attributable...

Claude Camilleri​

Sales Consultant

Claude describes himself as a people person. He has a keen interest in art and linguistics and is a Master NLP practitioner. He has lived and worked in...

Abigail Attard​


Abbi’s smile and friendly manner make the ideal first point of contact. Overseeing all the running of the day to day business she is organized and orderly...

Joanna Grabowska

Operations Administrator

Joanna is hard to be stopped. Her whole day business focused mind and desire to explore the world make her a happily balanced workaholic. Travelling across...

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