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Preferred Partners

Partnership Programme (local)

Are you a Real Estate Agent or Broker looking to widen your database and increase your sales?We are offering the chance for agencies across the world to collaborate with us and take advantage of our online Bidding event platform and benefit from the continuous support and expertise of our team of professionals.Get involved, start the conversation and join us on your way to success!
We will promote and expose your properties globally, with all information readily available to potential buyers and by setting up suggested opening bids and reserved prices. Our unique system will generate attention and awareness for each individual property in the marketplace. We create a sense of urgency with potential buyers, by advertising the time the property will sell. Using our wide range of marketing techniques, and maximizing the visibility of your properties will automatically increase the number of interested and committed buyers who will be coming directly to you. Your listings have your name on them, driving potential purchasers right to your door. Benefit from our free marketing to attract new leads to your agency and be in a position to earn up to 80% of the proceeds of a sale. What’s more – there is no cost to join!
Never lose a listing again. Have an alternative approach to offer your sellers and secure a cut of the commission when that property sells. Our Preferred Partners will be trained on how the online event process works and also about all the advantages our Bidding Events offers. We will assist you all the way to be in a position to educate your sellers, increasing the likelihood to cash in on listings.

The Open Market Price is the price of the property on the open market or as listed with high street agents. This price is often indicative of the savings one can make when bidding through our Bidding Events.

Partnership Programme (International)

First Bid Hold Confirmation

Since this is your first time bidding on this Bidding Event, we need your authorization to hold €10,000 from your bank account. After the hold has been approved, you will be allowed to participate in this property Bidding Event.

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